Great Ways to Help

Drive a Support Vehicle

One of the reasons the Tour de Togo Benefit Ride is so accessible to all levels of riders is the loving care we get from our Support Drivers. They carry our gear so we can travel light. They setup stops where we can take on hydration, energy snacks, drop off extra clothing, and throughout the miles they never stop encouraging us. It's not an easy job, but they make it possible for us to ride for camp the way we do.  

Donate to a Rider

You can support a rider with a secure and convenient donation to FPYC through either of the sites below. The FB option below does not charge a fee - so Camp gets 100% of your donation. At either site, find the rider you wish to support and donate to camp via their fundraiser page. Thanks!


Got an idea for the tour, or some time to offer, or a prize we can award the riders to motivate them? Let us know.

Thank these Sponsors

These corporate sponsors were very kind to support us on our tour. Please show them your appreciation with some patronage whenever you can.